Previously trading as Alba Water.

Fresh Water.
Fresh Thinking.

Fresh Water. Fresh Thinking.

The health benefits of regularly drinking water are well known and this is even more important at work, where – like it or not, we still spend the majority of our waking lives.

As a business, Guzzl is highly aware of the importance of employee well-being and we’re committed to helping enable our clients to create more productive, focused and enjoyable working environments. Why not talk to us about how fresh mineral water can help you get the very best from your team?

“You ain’t gonna miss your water, until your well runs dry.”

Bob Marley


As an independent supplier of refreshing water and cooler equipment, we genuinely believe that Guzzl provides an unrivalled level of service, reliability and know-how for businesses and public sector organisations based in Scotland and Northern England.

Established in 1997, when coincidentally Aqua topped the pop charts, we have a deep understanding of the marketplace and can offer pragmatic solutions, focused on the specific and often changing needs of our customers. If you’d like to discuss a requirement, or simply have a query, please call 0330 110 2202.


Bottled coolers

The team at Guzzl is one of the most experienced and widely respected within our sector and we are now in our fourth decade of providing bottled water for businesses. Our water is supplied by Purely Scottish and is one of the most refreshing sources of natural mineral water on the planet.

Free standing bottled water coolers only require about 1sq foot of standing room and can be easily delivered and installed by our team. With your coolers in place, we’ll create an appointment plan that keeps you topped up with water and cups and your cooler sanitising to tWHA standards.

Guzzl can help you choose the bottled coolers that best fit your business needs. Our range is extensive, but far too geeky to talk about in detail here – so why not request a face-to-face meeting at your premises?

Plumbed in coolers

This solution does away with the need to lift, carry and store water bottles and can also generate significant cost savings.

Bottleless water coolers or mains-fed water coolers, are often referred to as ‘point of use’ water systems. The advanced water filtration technology we use, always provides refreshing water that is chilled and filtered. Guzzl has an array of options for low / high volume usage dispensers, taps and fountains. These come in a variety of sizes and are easily installed.

If you are interested in what is undoubtedly a greener solution for your business, why not release your inner Greta Thunberg and request a meeting at your premises?

Water boilers

If management ever did a study about how much time is wasted waiting for kettles, it would be their blood boiling and not the water.

Countertop Hot Water Boilers are a highly efficient way to have an unlimited supply of hot filtered drinking water in your office, saving valuable time and therefore money. These compact units are perfect for small to medium-sized offices or homes and catering establishments.

If you are keen to find out how Guzzl boilers can improve office efficiency, just get in touch and we will hot-foot it over.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loren Eiseley


The Guzzl team is always on hand to provide the services required to support our product range.
Our reputation has been built on customer loyalty and we will always do whatever we can to service your equipment or deal with problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Arumba Coffee is our sister brand. Is she an older or younger sister? We’re not really sure – but she’s definitely the sibling who will give you an additional energy boost when required.

Arumba provides a vast range of delicious tasting coffees that come from certified and sustainable sources as well as a wide variety of coffee machines and installation options. Arumba predominantly caters for the Hospitality and Food Service industries but increasingly supplies office-based businesses who already enjoy refreshing Guzzl mineral water.

Find out how Arumba’s depth of flavour and depth of knowledge can affordably enhance the experience of those working for, or visiting your business or organisation.

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”

Lao tzu